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157 A.A.

Rainy season has lifted, and the heat has set upon us. Brutal.

Adding salt to that wound is that mother-in-law is in the hospital.

Gallstones. Two weeks. Two surgeries.

On the bright side- Total expense ¥40,000. Roughly $250.

On the dark side- I had no work for over a week and we couldn’t go to the beach.

Even the dogs looked at me after a few days saying, “This is our summer? Lots of fun, dad. Faaaaaaahhhhhhhhkkkk.”


Watching more than my fair share of daytime t v. I don’t know if you’re aware of the latest war brewing in Japan- Wig Wars. Every day. All day long. Aderans vs Art Nature. One commercial after the next. Cutthroat business. I’m leaning Art Nature due to the cute old lady and her bubbling personality, plus newfound confidence with her additional piece locked in, safe from winds.


Finally got an old friend onto LINE. He’s more technology averse than me. Now he can give me live reports on his daughter’s softball games.

He’s retiring in September. Can’t imagine, even fathom what that must feel like. Seems like yesterday we were playing bingo in Grand Forks bars at happy hour during summer school. The thing is, he deserves it. He played the game for 34 years, put in the time. I mean PUT IN THE TIME. 90 hours/week from December to April.

How come he could do it and I couldn’t? I’ve pondered that question more than once, especially when I’m watching wig commercials in the middle of the day. In fact, I think I wrote about this in my last writing. Wow. I almost forgot I wrote that down recently.

Deterioration of mental capacity line starts here.


1965 Strat-o-Matic Sooper Dooper Double Elimination Extravaganza Tournament results

Milwaukee Braves defeated the Philadelphia Phillies twice to claim the championship.

Solid starting pitching and decent hitting always wins out. The Phillies had a shot in the first championship game, losing 4-3. The second game was a route. Hank Aaron,

Joe Torre, Felipe Alou, Rico Carty, and starting pitching- Tony Cloninger, Wade Blasingame, and Ken Johnson. Never heard of them, but they kicked Minnesota Twins, squeezed out a 1-0 over San Francisco Giants, who I thought was the best team. Dodgers hitting is weak. Surprised they won the series.

Comparing 1960 to 1965, I notice black players are much more common on teams. Pitching is becoming dominant, peaking in 1967 when the decided to lower the mound. And the demise of the New York Yankees has begun.

So will start up the real 1965 season in September. Then I have a decision to make.

The years I have left to play are

1911, 1920, 1934, 1947, 1956, 1971, 1973, and 1976.

Do I go to the start, which means I don’t get to the 70s games until three or four years in future? Or do I get a little taste, do a 71 or 73, then maybe a 47, etc.

I don’t know if I’ll be around in three or four years and I’d hate to think I didn’t get to play any of those games of which I know most of the players.


Still haven’t run into the autistic man at the park since Abby died. I wonder how he inputs that into his mind. Does he cross her off then the next time we meet?




166 A.A.

Gramma out of the hospital. And back to normal. She bragged that in her room of four people she was the only one who didn’t wear diapers. And for lunch, while she was getting hiyashi chukka, my wife,

164 A.A.

Rainy Days and Fundays

130 A.A. In the midst of rainy season we identified a break in the clouds and made our way up to Fukushima for a little road trip and a lotta food. The resort, a dog owner’s dream, has a restaurant th


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