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Think I’m done with bar food, onion rings, etc. Can’t disgest like I use to. Have resorted to the old man’s method of relief by drinking a coke and expelling all that is bad from inside me.


Abby clothes arrived. She truly was our Sinatra. And we are a bunch of Joey Bishops. (sigh) I wish I could go for a walk with her again…


1960 Strat Highlight- Yesteryear Managers of the Future

I’ve been enlightened to who the managers of my time were when they were young hungry ball players. Until now I only imagined them as bloated grey haired masters of vulgar speech.

Interestingly, most were middling players struggling to be noticed on very poor teams.

Today we salute you

Whitey Herzog- Kansas City Athletics

Dick Williams- Kansas City Athletics

Harvey Kuenn- Cleveland Indians

Al Dark- Philadelphia Phillies

Dallas Green- Philadelphia Phillies

Red Schoendienst- Milwaukee Braves

Bill Virdon- Pittsburgh Pirates

Billy Gardner- Washington Senators


Can’t remember if I added this before or not (scary). Over past few months watched The Godfather I & II, Cool Hand Luke, and Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid on the big screen at the movie house. I hope the streaming generations doesn’t lead to these experiences. I feel like I missed out by being exposed to those movies on television.




Runaway Day

68 A.A.

It 62 days A.A. (After Abby). Still reverberating around the house, especially the dogs. I realized this when I ran into the 3 Boxer Mama at the beach. I hadn’t seen her in a while and when she asked

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