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Chopsticks and Dogs

October 25, 2021

Saw the chopstick lady again on morning walk. This time hubby was trailing along, with chopsticks in hand, picking up various strewn garbage.

I wonder how that conversation began before the morning walk…

Wife- Did you remember your chopsticks?

Husband- Do I have to? You are already carrying some? It’ll look like I was told by you to come along and pick up garbage with chopsticks…

Wife- Sooo, you want to come without chopsticks and just have your wife picking up garbage. You’ll never change..

Husband- Ok, ok. I’ll do it. (muttering)Just to keep you off my back. Ugh.

Wife- Did you say something?

Husband- …no…

Am I projecting too much?


Three dogs vs. Two dogs

Was told one to two dogs is a difference, two to three I wouldn’t even notice the difference.

Hmmm…after two months I’m feeling the difference in my legs, feet, and mind. Exhausted every day, all day. I can sleep anytime, anywhere.

I’m thinking we had it too easy before and now the load is what it should be. Therefore, it’s my exclusively my inability to manufacture sufficient energy is the problem. Where did that energy go? Think I’ll blame my wife.



Ohio Players- Sweet Sticky Thing

Rick James- Superfreak

Pablo Cruise- Love Will Find A Way




166 A.A.

Gramma out of the hospital. And back to normal. She bragged that in her room of four people she was the only one who didn’t wear diapers. And for lunch, while she was getting hiyashi chukka, my wife,

157 A.A.

Rainy season has lifted, and the heat has set upon us. Brutal. Adding salt to that wound is that mother-in-law is in the hospital. Gallstones. Two weeks. Two surgeries. On the bright side- Total expen

164 A.A.


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