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Crowd Control

November 15, 2021

Hearing about the concert mishap in US made me revisit a time from way back where something similar happened.

Around 1986, at a university that was going to play its rival in ice hockey. This Friday night found a few thousand students in line to get a free student seat.

As this was a hot ticket me and friends had lined up very early and near the front of the line, assured of get a seat unlike many others.

The one door for students would open at 6pm. It was 5:50 and we were bored. It was then I decided it was time to liven the place up. I dared my friend Daryn to yell “Doors open!”

Daryn was not one to back down from a dare and before I knew it he gave a holler that seemed to carry across campus.

It was on. At least 3,000 students shoving and pushing and screaming to get to the ONE door for about 1,000 seats. It was like being in a very strong current. No effort needed to make it to the door. Though now that steel door was garbage as it had been broken off it’s hinges. The cries from girls and the apparent chaos made me feel remorseful.

But the next week’s school paper’s letters to the editor made me feel worse. Now I was hoping there wouldn’t be an investigation. Many bitter people wrote in to express their shock at seeing such a spectacle, and the system for students seats was changed immediately where tickets had to be requested in advance.

The end of the first-come, first-served festival seating era. (Gulp)…


After 50 years of following my intuition, I decided to let me guard down, put aside all common sense and watch two James Bond movies. Even as a child I never saw the attraction in the ridiculous storylines.

So I watched Dr. No and Thunderbolt.

Painful. Took about three separate viewing occasions to get through each one. Unless someone can give me a VERY compelling reason to jump into that swamp again, I’m done.

This experiment has reduced the chance of me ever watching a Star Wars or Star Trek movie to a practically negligible number.


Songs I’m listening to -

(80s MTV reminiscing)

Madness- Our House

Slade- Run Runaway

Eddy Grant- Electric Avenue




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