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Caught a glimpse of a Kyon on a morning jog. Yes, I know they are devastating to farmers’ crops, and their population is exploding due to year-round reproduction (giddy up), but whenever I see one before it darts back into the woods I get all tingly like I just witnessed a unicorn. If you’ve never seen on, imagine a hobby horse for babies. That’s the size. Now change from a horse to a deer, except this deer has stumpy legs and huge gut like a German butcher. Or imagine Rudolph had legs of a hassock instead of its traditional long gams. And this Rudolph ate all the other reindeer until it looked like it needed Alka-Seltzer. Now you understand what a transcendental moment it is for me when I witness fairy tale creatures.

Songs of Month

Stoned Soul Picnic- 5th Dimension

Aquarius- 5th Dimension

Skybird- Neil Diamond

Kousui- Eito




No Free Lunch

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