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Runaway Day

It was nine years and one day ago my Abby arrived.

It was nine years ago when my Abby had seen enough and decided to take a powder. Alerts went out, rescue organization sending people, passing out pamphlets, wife, mother-in-law searching, all the while she roamed all around the neighborhood, walking back to the house at least three times. Basically, a nightmare. But it was the spark we needed to pick up our game and match wits with her. She always had the upper hand, but we got closer.

She could’ve run far far away, but she didn’t. She stayed in the neighborhood, all us to start a wonderful relationship.

Happy Birthday & Happy Runaway Day, Abby!!!!!


Ughh. Whenever the calendar starts to creep into May territory I always walk with my head a tad lower from embarrassment.

I can’t help but to reflect on a life that has had its share of embarrassing moments, but when I think about spring I always recall the first small step to becoming an adult- graduating high school. I find it extremely disconcerting that I walked and talked as if I knew everything, the diametrically opposite of nothing, which is what I actually knew, or didn’t know. Well, you understand anyway.

Gawd, what could’ve caused such ignorance? I’m guessing a lot of talking and not much listening, observing, or caring.


It makes me remember of an endearing French movie I watched recently. L’Effrontee. The title in Japanese is Impudent Charlotte. Charlotte is about 13 years old and hates everyone and everything. She’s got it all figured out. The female actor nailed it. Interestingly, I asked my Japanese wife after what she thought of the acting. I wasn’t surprised when she thought it was overacted. I wasn’t surprised because at certain points in the movie I was the only one to laugh because I could visualize the situations and the immature responses by Charlotte. I hadn’t really see that behavior in Japan, in daily life or on tv or movies. That behavior doesn’t exist here like it does in US or Europe.


Speaking of French movies, I have to present Mr. Jean Paul Belmondo with an award. I don’t know what award I just want to recognize him.

I’ve become a huge fan of his over last couple of years. Local movie house has held multiple festivals of his and I’ve seen most of not all of them. Not many males can put my ass in the seat night after night.

I’ve even recruited my wife and she’s all in on him too. A couple months ago after Abby died, the festival was going on in early evening. It was a godsend. For two weeks, every night after feeding other two dogs, we got up and got out of the house with the heavy atmosphere.

For those two hours we forgot all our sadness and emptiness. Quite cathartic for us.

I’ve read Belmondo and Steve McQueen had a rivalry, and McQueen referred to Belmondo as the “French monkey”

Well, If I had to pick one movie of Belmondo versus, let’s say, Bullitt( considered one of McQueen’s best), I would pick The Burglars. Blows McQueen out of the water. Actually I could pick about five to eight movies that would humble Mr. McQueen. Some dramatic, some comedic. Ok, I’d better stop. I’m afraid I’m sounding like a 13-year old girl talking about Teen Beat.




166 A.A.

Gramma out of the hospital. And back to normal. She bragged that in her room of four people she was the only one who didn’t wear diapers. And for lunch, while she was getting hiyashi chukka, my wife,

157 A.A.

Rainy season has lifted, and the heat has set upon us. Brutal. Adding salt to that wound is that mother-in-law is in the hospital. Gallstones. Two weeks. Two surgeries. On the bright side- Total expen

164 A.A.


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